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About Horn Brothers Roofing

Horn Brothers Roofing is a roofing company in Denver, CO. They specialize in Shingles, Tile Roofing and Gutters.

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Roofing Services

The shingles on your home are both protective and decorative. These overlapping pieces of asphalt, wood, clay, slate, metal, or composite materials create a waterproof barrier that protects your home from the elements. They are available in multiple colors and include 3-tab, architecural, or luxury varieties. Asphalt shingles are the most common and budget-friendly, while clay, wooden, or composite shingles can add character and style to your home.
Tile Roofing
Tile roofing is attractive, durable, and environmentally friendly. Tiles are made from slate, clay, or concrete, and are an excellent choice for buildings in hot areas or those exposed to salt air near the ocean. However, tile is a more expensive roof material and is also very heavy.
During gutter installation, professional roofers will remove the old gutters and downspouts from the eaves and brackets and check for damage such as rotted or failing boards and facia. From there, they will measure for new gutters, install them, and put on new downspouts and elbows. Finally, they'll clean the area and leave your home ready for the next rainstorm!
Roof flashing is used to direct water away from areas of the roof where water might pool or penetrate. Flashing is made of metal, usually galvanized steel, and directs water down to the shingles and off the roof. Base flashing surrounds features like chimneys, step-flashing protects where the roof meets the wall, and drip edges help prevent leaks at the edge of the roof.
Proper home insulation helps keep your home comfortable and lowers heating and cooling bills. Attic insulation helps keep summer heat contained and winter cold out, while basement insulation helps keep heat and cold from seeping in through the foundation. Common insulation materials include fiberglass, celulose, spray foam, and foam board.
Many homeowners don't give their attic much thought, but proper maintenance can help keep pests and leaks at bay while saving you money on heating and cooling costs. It's important to inspect insulation, look for cracks or signs of moisture, ensure proper ventilation, and look for evidence of rodents or other pests. Any issues or damage should be repaired by a professional right away.




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