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About Cal Roofing Systems Inc

Cal Roofing Systems Inc is a roofing company in Vacaville, CA. They specialize in Roof Replacement, Roof Repair and New Roof.

Roofing Services

Roof Replacement
A roof replacement involves fully removing the shingles and underlayment on your roof to reveal the decking. The decking will be inspected and repaired, if needed, and then new underlayment will be laid to protect the decking from water. Next, the shingles are put on, which may consist of asphalt, metal, composite, or another material. You can also choose between 3-tab, architecural, and luxury shingles, based on your budget and preferred style.
Roof Repair
If your roof is damaged or leaking and is less than 15 years old, a roof repair can be more practical than full replacement. Common repairs include replacement of shingles and/or fascia boards, patching leaks, and fixing improperly installed flashing.
New Roof
During new roof installation, your home gets a new underlayment and shingles over the roof decking. You can choose between 3-tab and architectural shingles, which can be made of asphalt, wood, composite, metal, or another material. New roofs last 20-30 years for less expensive materials, while slate, copper, or tile can last 50 years or longer.
Roof waterproofing can provide an extra layer of protection against leaks in case shingles or other parts of the roof get damaged. Professional roofers will lay a base sheet or membrane under the usual underlayment and shingles. They'll also check the flashing around the vents, chimney, and skylights. If you have a flat roof, liquid membranes can be applied to improve waterproofing.


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